Праздник в квест-комнате "ПобегЪ" для именинников Донецкой школы - интернат.

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Holiday in the Quest Room "Escape" for the birthday boys of Donetsk boarding school.1622888650

Watching your favorite movie, have you, friends, dreamed of being in the place of the main character? To relive all his amazing adventures, to speak beautifully about love, or to save the planet from zombies? Probably everyone, without exception, wants to become a part of a Hollywood movie!

For our young dreamers nothing is impossible! That is why our team tried to make a child's (and sometimes adult's) dream come true within the framework of the "Birthdays in orphanages" project. For one day our young guests, pupils of the Donetsk boarding school√1, were taken to a real detective story called "Prison break". The kids were transferred from the walls of their home boarding school to the quest room, where they faced an interesting task: to get out of the room, decorated as a prison, as quickly as possible.

Each team of kids set personal bests of the quest and had a lot of fun taking pictures with the victory sign. By spending a holiday in the Quest-room "Escape", children not just had fun, but also conquered themselves, their fears and lack of confidence in their abilities, strengthened their skills of logical thinking and, of course, continued to develop a sense of mutual support and friendliness!

That's how it is: when playing, our children discover new sides and talents!
And after a fun game, the kids had delicious treats from the "Happy life" restaurant and long-awaited name gifts.

Quest-room "Pobeeg", the restaurant "Happy life" and personally Alexander Shekaev, Olga Karavelkova, Sophia and Julia - thank you for a wonderful day, presented to our kids, the memories of which the kids will carry through their lives and remember with a smile! Thank you very much, our #Do-good_work for orphans!

Праздник в квест-комнате ПобегъПраздник в квест-комнате ПобегъПраздник в квест-комнате Побегъ

Created: 05.06.2021
Updated: 05.06.2021
Head of the Charity Fund "Time of the Good"

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