Meet our friendly team!
These are the people, thanks to whom our good works don't stop even for a minute! These are the people who every day give their hearts to sick children in oncology departments, orphans in orphanages, hold collections, buy medicines, organize donor and charity events, account to the donors, understand requests for help, and look for all possible ways to help children. They are all parts of one big puzzle called "Time for the Kind". There is no place for lies, falsehoods, and empty words in our team...
We are proud of our team's solidarity, our desire and aspiration to help other people, and most importantly - the belief in a brighter future and in our own strength every day helps us in what we do. Probably the belief of every member of our team that we can change the world around us, the world of small and so defenseless in many ways children, is the basis of our inner strength, the basis of our big and friendly team!

The important thing for our team is to make conscious decisions, made with our hearts!
When a decision is made "with the heart", feelings, emotions and intuition come into play. The heart doesn't care about money, careers and the best possible alternatives. Awareness is a clear understanding of the commitments we make and the importance of the decisions we make!

Olga Sorokina
Founder of the Foundation

Anna Arsenina
Founder of the Foundation

Maria Afanasenko
Foundation Manager

Danil Sorokin
Technical Specialist

Oksana Bilay
Chairwoman of the Parents' Committee, Coordinator of the "BlagoTvory" Shop

Victoria Fedorchenko
Head of the Fundraising Department

Ilya Barchan

Head of the volunteer center, coordinator of the "Donation" project

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