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We are a charitable foundation for helping children with cancer, immunological and other serious illnesses, as well as providing assistance to orphans. The history of our foundation, and or rather our large and close-knit family is a huge number of real stories, they are different, and sad and happy

Our achievements with you


Our classes

240 classes were conducted by our volunteers in oncology departments and orphanages



We congratulated 367 orphans within the framework of the project "Birthdays in orphanages"



180 liters of blood a year to save
children's lives


Our help

27 children with disabilities receive regular assistance within the framework of the "You are not alone" project


Trade fairs

36 charity fairs a year in support of the wards of the foundation


Targeted assistance

240 children receive assistance under the Targeted Assistance project

We are a charitable foundation that helps children with cancer, immunology and other severe diseases, as well as helping orphans. The history of our foundation, or rather our large and united family is a huge number of real stories, they are different, both sad and happy. It so happened that long before the Foundation emergence, since 2014, we as an initiative group of volunteers have been helping children with serious illnesses and inmates of orphanages and social institutions for children of Donetsk region. We had a lot of like-minded people who supported our initiatives and joined our volunteer activities.

When the circle of our volunteers has expanded to an impressive scale, and the number of children who need support grew in direct proportion, we realized that our help and our activities should be more professional, and the children need not only human care but also professional medical care.

We know all our charges, their parents, doctors and directors of orphanages and boarding schools, we are always with the children and their families, supporting them every day. Many team members know firsthand what it means to fight for their lives and beg God to save their child and how important is to support in a difficult period of life and qualified assistance.

In 2019 we made a difficult but weighty decision to create a charitable foundation.

On 09.12.2020, the charitable foundation "Time for the Kind" was officially established on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Knowing and understanding the difficult social and humanitarian situation in the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics as a result of ongoing military operations, the founders and employees of the fund decided to provide assistance exclusively to children of Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, committing themselves to make every effort to implement the tasks set to help children with severe diseases and children deprived of parental care.

Anyone can take part in the activities of the charitable foundation. You can make a donation or become a volunteer, be present at one of our actions or become an organizer. Charitable Foundation "Time for the Kind" invites companies to join in helping sick children and become our friend and partner.

You can read about our projects in the Projects for partners section or offer your own variant of corporate partnership by contacting us

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