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Dear beneficiaries!

If you are in trouble and your child needs help, please read this important information.
The foundation "Time for the Kind" helps to pay for diagnostics and treatment, to buy medicines, medical consumables and equipment for children under 18 suffering from oncological, oncohematological and other serious diseases.

The Foundation accepts applications from patients' parents or legal guardians.
The Fund helps to pay for diagnostics and treatment only if the necessity of treatment is confirmed by official medical documents.
The Fund helps to pay for treatment abroad only if the concilium of doctors-experts of the DNR has concluded that this type of diagnostics or treatment cannot be performed on the territory of the Republic.
We make the decision to provide assistance jointly with the advisory council of doctors-experts of the foundation. To make a decision, the expert council may request additional information (test results, MRI or CT scans, etc.)

Sample application.. (download)

Consent to personal data processing. (download)

List of documents to apply for assistance (download)


Send all requests for help to E-mail: (be sure to include a contact number).

If you have already applied or are going to apply to other foundations, please specify which ones.

Application review period is 3-5 working days, and the notification about the decision will be sent to your specified email address.

The Foundation has the right to refuse assistance without explaining the reasons.

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