"Donorship." is one of the most important projects of the "Time for the Kind" Charitable Foundation.
Donetsk has two children's oncology departments, where about a hundred children are being treated for cancer. Children, who daily face many brutal trials. Punctures, IVs and chemotherapy are not empty words, but procedures filled with pain and fear... And the main salvation in the most difficult treatment is a transfusion of donor blood. Without transfusion of donor blood and its components it is impossible to cure children with blood diseases, with cancer.

Considering the difficult situation and for 5 years of continuous warfare in Donbass, there is a catastrophic situation with the lack of donor blood in the region.
Our team, understanding all the obligations and responsibilities of the project, does a great job every day in the name of saving children's lives. The coordinator of the project Ilya Barchan is an irreplaceable person in our foundation, and he took over this complicated task and responsibly approaches to solving questions.

It is planned to implement a number of activities aimed at involving the general public in the voluntary blood donor movement both through direct participation in events and donor activities held by the Foundation, and through the "organizational" experience of volunteer activities aimed at promoting blood donation and increasing the frequency and stability of blood donation.

Donorship is about life, not death.

If you are a healthy person and donate 450 ml of blood (less than 10% of the total blood volume in the human body), it will provoke the bone marrow to produce new blood cells.About this and many other important things we want to convey to all potential donors.

In the near future we plan to cover a wide range of informational and educational activities, the main purpose of which is to inform all potential blood donors without exception that blood donation is not only safe, but also useful for health. Conduct a block of events devoted to open seminars for university students, class hours in high schools, and training of volunteer organizers.
A number of informational and methodological materials about blood donation and its components, informational products for donor actions and informational and methodological kits (means of visual agitation and motivation of donors) are being developed

We have a painstaking, but very important way ahead. This project is not financed by the state or patrons, its implementation is carried out on a voluntary basis by volunteers and fund coordinators.
If you consider the project of the fund important, we will be grateful for support

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