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Many people perceive volunteering in different ways. Someone with enthusiasm... someone with hope... someone even with distrust... But there is not a single person who would be indifferent to this field of activity. We want to tell you what volunteering means to us.
Our volunteers are ordinary people of different ages, social statuses, worldviews, religions, nationalities and professions. They all came to this calling in different ways. But all of them have one thing in common - a desire to selflessly help those in need. These are parents fighting for the lives of their children, people who have overcome a deadly disease, and active young people not indifferent. All of us are united by a common cause - helping children. Each of us became a volunteer by heart call, in order to increase the good and to give joy to kids who for various reasons were in trouble. For 5 years of our organization we all have become friends with each other, together we are not just a team, we - the family. For us there is no concept of "other people's problems" - we are always ready to give a helping hand to each other, to support in a difficult moment and give advice.
Thank you to each of our volunteers for his/her smile and warmth of heart, for the purity of heart and sincerity. Together we change this world for the better and give it to children.

Our volunteers are passionate about what they do! Every day they give children in orphanages, hospitals and cancer departments not only their time, but also a part of themselves! All our volunteers are friendly, bright, creative and, of course, incredibly warm-hearted! These are the people, thanks to whom our good deeds don't stop even for a minute! These are the people who give their hearts every day to sick children in oncology departments, orphans in orphanages, hold collections, participate in fairs, write news in groups, take pictures, make videos, and do what they do. They are all parts of one big puzzle called "Time for the Kind".


Hospital is not a fun place, everyone knows that. It's sad when a child is hospitalized for a month or even a week. But if treatment takes a year, if the old, familiar life is left outside, and you are locked in a sterile box, "tied" to an IV, if old friends and favorite toys are left at home - then there is already reason to be sad.

The day looks like a day, the boring pills make you sick, and the mother is upset and depressed...

The mood of the little patient is hopelessly spoiled. And any doctor will tell you that the treatment of a sorrowful patient is twice as difficult as that of a triumphant optimist.

In order to support children in distress, our foundation's volunteers regularly visit children in two clinics in Donetsk, this is in the department of children's oncohematology of the Institute of Pediatric Oncohematology named after GUS. Volunteers, of course, have their own life, family, work and free time. They spend this time, or part of this time, not on rest and entertainment, but to help those who are very sad and bad, who need a helping hand and support in this difficult time of life.

Together with the children we draw, organize performances and contests, sing songs, and recite poems. Adult, serious citizens dress up as clowns, learn to do magic tricks and soap bubbles, model with plasticine and do hundreds of other things that can be used to come to a sick child's room and make him or her happy. Unlimited fun, spontaneity of children's emotions and self-actualization of volunteers. These are just a small part of the perks that stand out every time we visit children in the hospital. Our team continues to be joined by brave and kind people who want to wear the proud name of Volunteer!

Volunteers in the hospital spend time with children, organizing all kinds of fun or developmental activities for them. After all, children can't be treated all the time. They lie in wards for months, restrained by hospital regimen and IVs. But they need to develop, have fun and do something distracting and useful. To support these children, we need volunteers - people who are willing to donate some of their time for free to help the children. Volunteers come to the hospital to draw with the children, teach them pictures, give them performances and contests, sing songs, and read poems.

It is also very important for us to give the children a real birthday, even though it takes place within the walls of the hospital. This is a special day in everyone's life and our volunteers try to make it that way for the little patients, filling it with balloons, a welcome gift, happy laughter, a bundle of congratulations and fun.

If their well-being and the doctors allow them to leave the hospital, children are happy to go to charity performances in the circus, theaters or go to the movies and on excursions. Volunteers organize and accompany each such "outing. The more so because it is more fun to see a movie or play together with friends.

But hospital volunteering is not limited to the period of treatment, and after convalescence we support our friends during their recovery.

Being a volunteer is necessary - and it's not easy work. Of course, volunteering can sometimes be hard, painful and frightening for their charges, but at the same time, many of them confess that it allows them to experience very bright and joyful feelings and fills their lives with special meaning.

That is why we are happy to welcome everyone who is ready to give their attention, love and care to small children, to our friendly and big team. Every month we hold an orientation meeting for everyone who wants to become a volunteer at the hospital.

You can familiarize yourself with all the directions, projects and activities of the Volunteer Center in the social networks of our communities, as well as by contacting the Head of the Volunteer Center - Ilya Barchan.

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