The Dobrykh Vremya Charitable Foundation was created in order to unite those who want help with those who need help. We strive to make sure that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, status, gender and age was the opportunity to help sick children to gain health, and happy childhood for unhappy children.

The Vremya Dobrykh charitable foundation helps children with oncological, immunological and other serious diseases, orphans. The founders and the team of the fund, taking into account the difficult social and humanitarian situation in the territory of the Donetsk People's Republic as a result of the incessant hostilities, decided to provide assistance exclusively to children of Donetsk and Luhansk Republics.

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🥇 Who are we?
A foundation that seeks to help sick children gain health, and unhappy children a happy childhood.
🏆 Whom does our foundation help?
Our activity is aimed at helping children with serious illnesses and orphans of Donbass.
💎 Why exactly the children of Donbass?
Because the incessant hostilities have led to a difficult social and humanitarian situation in the region and, as a result, the lack of what is necessary to save the lives of children.
💰 Where do donations go?
We manage the funds received at the details of the fund competently and deliberately, in accordance with the statutory goals of the fund, making decisions on distribution together with the experts of the fund.
💎 How many do you manage to save?
Of course, our children recover and live a healthy and full-fledged children's life: they go to school, return to their favorite activities, sports and delight us with their smiles and successes.

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