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If you would like to support the Foundation's programs aimed at saving children's lives, you can make a charitable donation to the account of the "Time for the Kind" Charity Foundation.


In the purpose of payment, please indicate "Charitable donation without VAT", "Charitable donation for statutory activities without VAT". If the document does not contain the words "charitable donation", the foundation will have to pay income tax to the state from the received funds, which means that your aid will not reach the beneficiary in full.

If indicated in the payment destination, "Charitable donation for statutory activities without VAT," the foundation has the option to send money to provide emergency assistance to wards of the fund (surgery, treatment, examination) or a program of the fund which is a priority in the current period.

If you want to transfer money for a certain child, then we ask you to specify in the purpose of payment the program, under which the help for the child goes (for example, "Targeted assistance to children with cancer and other severe diseases"). In this case, if the amount of money received exceeds the amount needed for a particular child, the balance can be used for other sick children who need treatment under that program. Otherwise, the remaining funds will not be used, because you will have to give written permission from the person who has donated them, which is not always possible because the person is unavailable, and the funds will remain unused, not benefiting the children.

We would be grateful if your employees, under your guidance, would take part in the work of "Time for the Kind" charity foundation in the field of "Corporate Partnership".

To learn more about the possible ways of cooperation and charitable assistance to children with serious illnesses and children left without parental care, please see Projects for partners

As part of this direction, you and your employees can make a charitable donation, both from a legal entity and from individuals in any convenient way of payment.

Payment with a bank receipt allows you to make a donation through any bank in Russia.

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