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Поездка в зоопарк в Придорожное для детей -сирот

Each of our meetings with the kids from Boarding School #1 in Donetsk is always an adventure. A trip to the zoo in the village of Pridorozhnoye was no exception. We were met well, bought some food for the animals at the entrance and set off on our "trip". Exactly on the trip, because the area of the zoo is about 2 hectares. We saw a lot of cages with different birds and animals, a lot of peacocks, parrots, pigeons.

Unfortunately the rain kept pouring down and we did not stay long in one place, at the end of our adventure the Terrarium and Aquarium were waiting for us. Exotic fish, spider, chameleon, turtles, iguana and more. It's all mesmerizing in its beauty. Soaked but very happy we went home. The trip was a success, and no weather spoiled our impressions! The kids are very happy, on a positive note.

We would like to thank our trustee Alexander Shekaev for organizing the trip to the zoo for the kids and for the incredibly tasty sandwiches from the restaurant "Happy Life". We also thank the Zoo in the village of Pridorozhnoye, DNR for the warm welcome.

Поездка в зоопарк в Придорожное для детей -сирот

Created: 05.06.2021
Updated: 05.06.2021
Head of the Charity Fund "Time of the Good"

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