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Because of the acetone we can't continue the chemotherapy...

The acetone isn't going away, we haven't been able to finish the first protocol for ten days now - Radomira Basha's mother writes.
This is the reaction we had with the third high dose chemotherapy. The acetone began to increase on the third day after we received the IV. We got fever, Radochka vomited so much, she was so weak, she could not even lift her head. I was so frightened - I had never had such a reaction to previous blocks.

It was a real nightmare - one day of chemo, washing and two times a day of 3 antibiotics at the same time. Of course the condition has improved a little, but we are still on antibiotics. I have already changed five of them, and my white blood count is still at zero. We will wait for them to come up. Only then we will be able to start the fourth block. I do not know how we will survive - Radochka does not eat anything because of nausea. We save ourselves with water and Maloezhka. My girl has no strength left. And there is still a second protocol ahead... God, don't leave us, help us to endure all this.

When the heat subsided a little we went out for a walk. Radochka with her little doctor's kit said: I want to be a doctor, I want to save people.

My sweetheart. Now we spend all the time in the ward. The suitcase is waiting in the corner. Radochka only has enough energy to watch cartoons. My daughter is waiting for us to go home, to treat her favorite teddy bears and dolls. And, of course, to be with her daddy and brother. Radochka misses them terribly!

Thank you all, our guardian angels, for your help! When I have given up, I read your comments on Fonda's page and realize that I just can't give up! God bless you for your good deeds and help for my little girl!

Created: 05.06.2021
Updated: 05.06.2021
Head of the Charity Fund "Time of the Good"

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