Sophia Kulikova's smile hides the pain and suffering of her battle with cancer

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Sophia Kulikova's smile hides the pain and suffering of her battle with cancer1628156822

Doctors are fighting for the life of our youngest ward girl.

A huge tumor from D. Rogachev's clinic, which turned out to be a high-risk sarcoma.
After a surgery to remove the kidney, 7 blocks of nephrotoxic high-dose chemotherapy, 6 sessions of radiation therapy.
The little girl has had 30 drips of anti-tumor medications, 24/7 constant companions - the side effects of chemotherapy, lack of appetite, vomiting, and fever.

Can you imagine? And after all that, the baby is smiling!
The stage of rehabilitation is not always easy, for example, now her blood count is dropping again and they need to be stimulated to reach normal before the next block. But during the recovery period there are positive results of the treatment and torture, which was confirmed by ultrasound examinations and tests. And the most important thing is that during this period Sophie is sometimes allowed to be at home, where her favorite toys and loving family are waiting for her.

But the main reason of Sofie's smile - it's thanks to you, our good friends, that you responded so quickly to the collection for her and helped to get timely treatment.

And we are sure that together with you we will save many little fates!

Created: 05.08.2021
Updated: 05.08.2021
Head of the Charity Fund "Time of the Good"

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