Закупка реагентов для иммуноферментного выявления HBsAG .

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Procurement of reagents for enzyme immunoassay detection of HBsAG.1622890219


Treatment for cancer is a long and complicated process. Punctures, daily IVs, and chemotherapy are common procedures for children with cancer. Transfusion of donor blood is the most common procedure, which improves the results and the overall well-being of the child.
Donor blood is tested for the absence of HIV infection, hepatitis of various forms, the presence of syphilis pathogens. All this is a costly and time consuming procedure, on the correctness of the results of which children's lives depend!

Our Foundation has decided to use the funds, allocated from the projects "Charity fairs "BlagoTvuly" and "BlagoTvuly" Social Creative Workshop, for the purchase of reagent kits for HBsAG immunoassay detection. All this was made possible thanks to your, Wizards, support of our social projects, the purchase of #DobroSouvenirs, Easter baskets, protective masks and other useful beautiful works of art presented at the BlagoTvoru store and also thanks to our golden talented hands of parents of children with cancer and volunteers from our foundation. Thanks to our joint deeds and hard work children with cancer will receive life-saving donor blood during their treatment!

Закупка реагентов

Created: 05.06.2021
Updated: 05.06.2021
Head of the Charity Fund "Time of the Good"

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