Timur Lesnoy News . 80% of SMA don't live to be two years old.

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Timur Lesnoy News . 80% of SMA don't live to be two years old.1628156909

The peculiarity of SMA is that your brain watches your life end.
Eighty percent of SMIs don't live to be two years old.

There are many such phrases that carry deadly danger.
There are hundreds of daily appeals for help for the baby, his mother is begging every day to save her baby, and Timurushka is still waiting and believing that SMA will not take his little life and he will definitely get help from the army of kind hearts that has always been there for many months and she is just a little tired.
Our dear and merciful wizards, don't leave your little one, don't stop helping: 50, 100, 200, 500 rubles. Every kopeck is important and even a little help will save a child's life.

Timurka's news.
Now he is undergoing rehabilitation and a full course of examinations at Moscow NCCP after four injections of Spinraza. Every new achievement is given to the boy with tears and indescribable pain. He has an improved swallowing reflex, and the ability to lift his hands independently, the mobility of his fingers and toes makes us hope that he will live to the fullest.
A question may arise: then why the injection of life, if Spinraza has also given results?
Yes, there are results, but the Spinraza is only a lifelong therapy and there is no guarantee if Timur will receive it next year and in the future for free.
And ONE injection of Zolgensm is able to restart the baby's body as much as possible.

We believe that everyone in the world is kind, and that you are ready to continue helping Timur to collect for the lifesaving injection! ONLY TOGETHER WILL WE SAVE THE LIFE OF TIMUR THE WOODSMAN.

Created: 05.08.2021
Updated: 05.08.2021
Head of the Charity Fund "Time of the Good"

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