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The story of this strong boy has forever settled in people's hearts. To this day, the fate of Yegor Boyko, an orphan boy with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, interests many people. You ask in the comments, group messages and personal meetings how Yegor's life is going and how his health is.

Yegor is feeling well. He is under control of his doctor, we send his samples to the laboratory of Rogachev clinic for control. Our brave boy is treated with the antiretroviral drug Disatinib and the accompanying renewal therapy. And we are waiting for the consilium of Russian doctors' results about Yegor's further treatment tactics in two months.

The main goal is to keep the stable remission of the disease and to prevent the cancer from returning to the life of the orphan boy.

Everyday life of the boy is full of variety and interesting activities with his friends and classmates from the boarding school, and he is playing active games with his brothers. His hobby is still soccer. And in general Egor likes to develop in many ways, and he attends interesting events, including those organized by our foundation. Egor is also very fond of computer games and roller-skating, and his every day is full of new discoveries and achievements.

Thank you to everyone who takes part in the destiny of the boy and helps him to defeat this terrible disease.

Created: 05.08.2021
Updated: 05.08.2021
Head of the Charity Fund "Time of the Good"

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