60 дней после ТКМ или вторая жизнь Анечки Порохни

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60 days after TKM or the second life of Anechka Porokhni1622891079

We wrote a lot about Anna Porokhna. The story of this strong girl struck us with its tragedy! Cruel trials came one after another into Anna's life. The last of which was oncology.

Anna spent almost a year and a half in Donetsk oncology ward fighting the cancer. Good tests followed by bad ones, treatment protocols were changing, but she never got the result she needed. The illness would not let up. And my hope for a healthy childhood was fading before my eyes.

A consilium of Donetsk and Russian doctors decided on the need for a bone marrow transplant. So Anechka became a patient of Moscow's Rogachev clinic, where two months ago the girl underwent a life-saving bone marrow transplant - a procedure that depended on whether Anechka would live or not. The donor was the girl's older brother.

A month before the transplantation Moscow doctors began to prepare Anna for the procedure: A highly complicated stage of conditioning began, the purpose of which was to completely suppress the immune system and the patient's bone marrow. To do this, high-dose "chemistry" was injected into the girl's body. Radiation therapy cemented the effect. Anya's bone marrow was destroyed, and her tests dropped to zero. The side effects were not long in coming. One day she woke up with ulcers all over her body, which plagued the girl for a long month even after the procedure.

Talking to us mom Oksana said: "How we survived that terrible time, it's horrible to remember ... My daughter has been preparing for the procedure for a long time. Doctors chemically cauterized her immune system, sores on her daughter's body bled. My little girl could not eat, drink or speak. Until now, I can not think of it without tears!

Now Anyuta's condition can be compared to a newborn baby on day 60. Any infection can attack the weakened girl's body. For this reason, more than a month after the transplantation Anyuchka and her mother spent in a closed box, being careful about external infections.

Oksana told us the latest news with joy in her voice: "Thank God now Anechka's well-being is good. It is true that our daughter has temperature now and then, but this is an absolutely normal side effect of TCM. A week ago the doctors let us go for a walk outside. My daughter and I go for walks every day, admiring the majestic Moscow and enjoying the last warm days.
And about my little girl wrote in the Moscow newspaper, can you imagine? My persistent, brave girl! So happy to see her tender smile! We believe that all the worst is behind us! There is certainly a long road to rehabilitation and recovery ahead of us, but we will make it! This is unconditional!

Thank you all for your kindness! Thank you from our entire family! Words can't describe how much you have supported us! Every kind word, prayer and material aid has given us a second life and hope! Thank you for making my little girl smile and live!"

Created: 05.06.2021
Updated: 05.06.2021
Head of the Charity Fund "Time of the Good"

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