Сирота, болеющий раком... 11-летний ребенок, который вынужден бороться со смертельным заболеванием в одиночку...

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An orphan with cancer... An 11-year-old child forced to fight a deadly disease alone...1622890393

Выписка Егора Бойко

Can they take off the plug already? - That was the question Yegor Boyko asked the doctors when he found out that he was being discharged from the oncology department.

In the spring of 2018, Yegor was brought to the oncohematology department of the Gusak INVH with complaints of severe back pain, which the boy attributed to fatigue from his favorite soccer game. The diagnosis put an end to the little soccer player's early career - acute lymphoblastic leukemia. No one could believe that fate could be so cruel!
All the year and a half of basic treatment the boy dreamed of one thing - to return home as soon as possible - to the walls of his native boarding school, to which he was so used to... To return to the people who replaced his parents and surrounded him with care. And, of course, to return to his beloved soccer.

Egor underwent all necessary courses of chemotherapy, dozens of punctures, hundreds of long and difficult medical procedures, countless blood transfusions, and complications to his spine, which resulted from chemotherapy, for five months chained him to a hospital bed and forced him to wear a medical brace, so that Egor could sit somehow. All these ordeals Yegor withstood firmly, with some special, grown-up understanding the boy realized the importance of what was going on. As if he understood that his little life depended on it.

After all the trouble of a seriously ill orphan stirred up hundreds of caring hearts from different parts of the country, and what is it, and Russia! Together with Egor we all rejoiced at his small successes and worried in moments of crisis during treatment! It's so great to see it all behind us! Although this is not the end of treatment - there is still a long chemotherapy session ahead, but it will not happen while he is in the hospital!

When Egor was discharged from the hospital he told us that he would continue playing his favorite game of soccer, which he missed so much. For this special event we prepared a special present for him: a soccer, with which Egor will score his first winning goal! We wish Yegor to make the victory over cancer the first chapter of his happy life!

We never tire of thanking everyone who is with us - Against Childhood Cancer!
The eyes of the children leaving the cancer ward burning with joy is only your merit!

Created: 05.06.2021
Updated: 05.06.2021
Head of the Charity Fund "Time of the Good"

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