У нас состоялось открытие кино сезона

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We had the opening of the movie season1622555006

And we had the opening of the movie season! Our charity event for little children from social institutions in Donetsk was launched. Our friends from the Sushi Life restaurant chain were the organizers. And the first ones to take part in it were the kids from Teremok orphanage!

They were offered an exciting entertainment program, the highlight of which was a trip to the movie theater! For us - a trip to the movies is something familiar and ordinary, but for these kids - it was a real event! No wonder, since most of them had never been to the cinema.

Поход в кинотеатр для детей-сирот

And then we had an adult lunch in a real sushi restaurant where they prepared not only a lot of tasty treats for the kids but also a fascinating animation program with contests and prizes. The eyes burning with joy in the pictures speak for themselves!

Special thanks to Alexander Shekaev for his initiative and his suggestion to bring joy to the orphans on a regular basis!

Поход в кинотеатр для детей-сирот

Поход в кинотеатр для детей-сирот

Created: 01.06.2021
Updated: 01.06.2021
Head of the Charity Fund "Time of the Good"

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