Самый светлый день в году - День защиты детей

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The brightest day of the year - Children's Day1622554544

On Children's Day, the brightest day of the year, our team congratulated the children whose lives were invaded by the insidious disease of cancer, the children who, like no one else, know the value of life and know how to enjoy small things. Our kids are in the gray walls of hospital every day, and there are so few reasons for fun and laughter... So we decided to change that! We decided to bring a little color into the hospital life of the children.

On June 1, our little heroes from the Department of Pediatric Hematology Oncohematology of the Guskov Institute of Oncology and Immunology and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences visited the hospital. Gusak and Radkb 1 Surgery plunged into a world of joy and carefree childhood. Together with the robot and Maya the bee, the little heroes were dancing, playing and singing. There was a cheerful children's laughter.

At the end of the holiday the children received wonderful gifts and colorful toys that made all our children smile.

Parents of the kids got their sanitary kits.
There is no greater happiness than to see the happy smiles of our children and hear their laughter.

We pray to God for the recovery of our children

День защиты детей в онкоотделении

День защиты детей в онкоотделении

Created: 01.06.2021
Updated: 01.06.2021
Head of the Charity Fund "Time of the Good"

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