После истории болезни начинается история побед

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After the history of illness begins the history of victories1622888611

Friends, we want to share with you the successes of our small but very brave heroes.
Our brave children in their young years face many terrible trials, they have to fight for life with an insidious disease - cancer... Our children's day is packed to the minute: tests, puncture wounds, injections and cribbing - all this instead of the usual children's games and activities.

The disease doesn't ask for age or name... It comes suddenly... But our little heroes never give up: they go all the way and believe in themselves and their strength! They fight for their lives and health, in spite of fear, pain and tears... Fight and win!

That's why we're starting a new rubric "Cancer Not a Verdict", in which our team will tell you, friends, the stories of the victories and successes of our young, but very brave heroes!

And here our soul rejoices at the next victories of our wards!
Our little sunshine, fun-loving, incredibly talented and smart girl - Varyuchka Kompanets continues to develop her talents!

Varyunya is a sweet, kind, gentle girl. She is always smiling and friendly.
Before her illness our beautiful beauty was studying at music school - in violin department, but because of the long period of treatment she had to stop her playing lessons... But Varenka did not give up her dream of mastering the violin! After leaving the hospital Varya went back to her favorite music school to study! She even returned to the ensemble, in which she used to play.
Also, Varenka has a dream - she wants to become a famous blogger or violinist. And we believe that very soon we will enjoy Varvara's violin playing, sitting in a big concert hall or watching new releases of Varya's blog on Youtube channel, because our young starlet is hardworking and talented!

Varya adores cartoons about minions and spends almost all her time reading fantasy books

История победы Варя Компаниец

Created: 05.06.2021
Updated: 05.06.2021
Head of the Charity Fund "Time of the Good"

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