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Mom Victoria is writing:

Today is exactly 1.5 months since we are in the oncohematology department... Our tragic little anniversary of the fight with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. On Monday we were supposed to start the second protocol of treatment, but our little girl's body was not ready for another high dose chemotherapy.
Her temperature is 39 degrees over the past few days. Of course this reaction of her body scared me. But the doctors calmed her down and explained that while treating children with leukemia such reaction to taking strong medicine into small, weakened body is normal... We will take some antibiotics and then, if God allows, the tests will be back to normal, we will continue treatment.

Of course, Mirochka is naughty and whining because of the fever, she won't leave my room or let me out of it...

My little sunshine... How hard it is when babies get sick...
I am trying to hang in there, I believe that God will give our little girl a healing, even though it is hard and difficult right now! And to you, good people, thank you so much! I will not get tired of thanking everyone who helps my little girl. You give me so much support and faith! Everything will be fine! I know it for sure!

Created: 05.06.2021
Updated: 05.06.2021
Head of the Charity Fund "Time of the Good"

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