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You ask, and we answer - what do children need most?
Dolls, cubes, mopeds, ships, bicycles...
♪ No, I'll tell you what they need ♪
♪ They need friends more than anything ♪

Look at all the children's smiles Such emotions you can't buy, paint or invent! This is the result of our sincere friendship, support and love. The efforts of our team's volunteers are breaking the ice in the hearts of orphans of Boarding School № 1. Donetsk. At our creative and entertaining classes we not only create beautiful things with our own hands, but also share our spiritual warmth! That's why our little works turn out so bright and cute. Together with the older kids, we created wonderful space jars with the Universe inside, and modeled cartoon characters with air plasticine. And we also drew our dreams, so different and beautiful. And kids younger kids meanwhile colored pictures and made engravings by their own hands. And kids of the 3rd form with their friends volunteers took interest in rehearsal for staging their little show.
. 270 children in a house of the boarding and as we would like all children to pay attention, to cuddle and to realize together a set of new ideas. Come join our team and you will make a lot of new and wonderful friends. And what if to do good, to be friends and help is your calling, dear friends?
Join us. The children are very, very much looking forward to it.

Created: 05.06.2021
Updated: 05.06.2021
Head of the Charity Fund "Time of the Good"

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