Мир спасают люди с добрыми и милосердными сердцами

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The world is saved by people with kind and merciful hearts1622892766

We live in a world where darkness tries harder and harder to take over the light and sometimes it seems as if the world is inexorably fading, rolling downhill! Wars, quarrels, anger, hatred, betrayal, indifference, deadly diseases - all this brings suffering, cruelty and the destruction of the soul. The eternal theme of struggle between good and evil. And at the moment when it seems that it will never be better, they appear - people with kind and merciful hearts and save the world. We don't know their names most often, all we know is that their souls are filled with light and a desire to help those who need it. And they do it without expecting gratitude or glory!

Today's post is about such a person. A kind wizard who always stays in the shadows, unselfishly and humbly saving children's lives for many times. A man with a bottomless heart, full of goodness, who helped in treatment of an ordinary boy from Yenakievo - Andrey Danchenko. Andrei's diagnosis was Hodgkin's lymphoma. His story is similar to thousands of others - cancer ruthlessly broke into the boy's happy and carefree childhood. Yes, cancer changes the appearance of children, but not their souls.
At 14 Andrew knows for sure that love - is the warmth of his mother and all relatives, love must be shown through actions, and you can not hurt the loved one. And friendship is when they don't betray you and help you, especially when you're in trouble. During half a year of treatment in the oncological unit the boy has made a lot of new friends and now he has a new friend, whose name is unknown, but whose help is great and vitally important.

We know that you are reading this - and we want to say from the bottom of our hearts: a low bow for your good deeds!
Thanks to people like you, we once again are convinced that there is good and it always triumphs over evil. And there are a lot of bright and kind people, and the rest just do not know yet that it is "The time of the good"! And as soon as they do, they will join us and help those in need. And they will share the light and warmth of their souls, which everyone has, the only important thing is to notice it!

Created: 05.06.2021
Updated: 05.06.2021
Head of the Charity Fund "Time of the Good"

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