Новогоднее чудо 2019 г.

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Новогоднее чудо для онкобольных детей

Happy emotions from our special matinee for special children - children who know firsthand what it means to fight for their lives children, in whose life one day burst the dreaded word Cancer.

For the kids who are still being treated at home, we held a New Year's Eve party at the "Cars and cats" game center.
Both kids and teenagers have gone through a lot of troubles and sorrows during their long stay in the oncological department. But even the ordeals that they endured were not enough to break them; they have only made them stronger! Our brave kids have a special way of feeling the world. And only they are able to believe so much in New Year's miracles!

The New Year's Eve matinee brought positive emotions not only to the little main characters of the holiday, but to us, the adults as well. It's a great joy to see our dear children outside the hospital walls... Happy and smiling... All grown up and full of hopes and dreams!

Thank you to all of our kind Father Frosts and beautiful Snow Maidens for the happy smiles of children and the faith in their eyes at the magical New Year's miracle! For the kids who are still being treated at home, we had a New Year's Eve party at the Auto and Cat game center.

Новогоднее чудо для онкобольных детейНовогоднее чудо для онкобольных детейНовогоднее чудо для онкобольных детейНовогоднее чудо для онкобольных детей

Created: 05.06.2021
Updated: 05.06.2021
Head of the Charity Fund "Time of the Good"

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