Maksim Glushchuk's mother asks to save her son.

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Maksim Glushchuk's mother asks to save her son.1628157032

Maksim has testicular fetal carcinoma and he is undergoing intensive treatment at the 1st surgery of the Russian Cancer Center in Donetsk.

For a long time I was even afraid to tell Maksim that it was cancer.

And he pretended to believe ... Maksim's mother says.

Both Maksim and his mother believed to the very last moment that the diagnosis made by oncologists was wrong.

Our fund sent histology to the clinic named after Dmitri Rogachev for the right diagnosis.

The immunohistochemical results of the biopsy specimen came back from Moscow and shattered all hopes: Maxim had a carcinoma. At 16, that sounded like a verdict.

Max had never complained of his health, he was always strong and sturdy. Before his illness, Max was fond of sports and games. A year after graduation, he dreamed of going to university. Who knew that cancer had its own plans...".

After the first block of chemotherapy Maxim was in intensive care - platelets and all the indicators fell, the boy's condition was on the verge of death and life, the daily infusions of blood and fight for life. Ahead is a very difficult way of fighting cancer, but we believe that Max will make it, and many good people will help him to raise the money for treatment.

Our fund opens collection on 270 000 rubles to pay for treatment in the clinic RDKB, the city of Donetsk.

Created: 05.08.2021
Updated: 05.08.2021
Head of the Charity Fund "Time of the Good"

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