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News from Leonid Shkurko.
His mother Alina writes:

"Hello friends, we have good news, but we rejoice quietly! So the disease has taught us. Today we had a CT scan and the doctors said the results are good, thank God! And his body is responding to the treatment! We have finished the 4th course of chemotherapy, and we are going home to have a rest and to gain strength. He is already telling all his toys our good news, and he is taking everyone on the trip!
My little boy is so happy, active, smiling! All the time he is playing, laughing and cuddling with me! I pray that every day would be like this.... My little kitten... How much pain he has endured! Ljonechka is a fighter, every day he fights for his right to live with cancer!

Of course we still have a long way to go until we receive 8 courses of chemotherapy. I have to be honest with you, I am very scared... Cancer is a very tricky disease; it is hard to predict what will happen next. But we don't give up and we are not discouraged! I believe that everything will be ok! Please pray for us, and have faith in my baby! We can't do this without your help!
Thank you all so much! I don't know how to express my gratitude! So many warm words you write, so much help to us! May joy live in your hearts! And your kindness return to your lives a thousandfold!"

Created: 05.06.2021
Updated: 05.06.2021
Head of the Charity Fund "Time of the Good"

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