Дети с онкозаболеваниями погрузились  в яркий мир творчества, искусства и красоты... Мир, в котором нет рака, боли и слез...

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Children with cancer immersed in a bright world of creativity, art and beauty... A world without cancer, pain and tears...1622891296

Together with our friends Art Izzba Creative Association we had a fascinating meeting in the world of art for children with cancer within the rehabilitation project One step backwards and once again showing that our children are the most talented in the world. The children plunged into a bright world of creativity, art and beauty. A world without cancer, pain and tears ...

When cancer bursts into a child's life, all the bright colors disappear in an instant. The world becomes black and white: days of pain are colored in black hollow, and rare moments of breaks from treatment turn white... Except that the former colorful moments and childlike cheerful emotions are gone. Disease ruthlessly takes away all the happiest and kindest things... And how important it is for us, adults, to instill faith in children's hearts in miracles, kindness and joy again!

How great that such sad truths are realized by real wizards of creativity and joy! And give our wards seriously ill children feelings of happiness and positivity! Our young artists painted a faithful friend - the Magic Kitten, who makes all dreams come true. With light movements of brushes and pencils, children let joy into their lives... Their cheerful laughter, happy little eyes and a timid "I did it!" - are the most precious treasures of the world! It is not a simple drawing master class, it is new impressions and vivid emotions, communication and creation of beauty ... What every child lacked during the most difficult period of treatment!

Created: 05.06.2021
Updated: 05.06.2021
Head of the Charity Fund "Time of the Good"

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