Карим Чайка

Город: Донецк


первичный иммунодефицит Х-сцепленного вида,синдром Вискотта-Олдрича

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150000 руб
150000 руб
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"I would give my life for him if I could... I look at him - he's so small, helpless, he just started taking his first steps... And my heart stops - I understand that every day near him could be his last..." - tears in her eyes says Karim Chaika's mother.
How often are your children sick? Colds, flu, sore throats... Viral infections - children of all ages are susceptible to them. For Karim, any such infection can be fatal...
"It's just a nightmare. I keep thinking that I'm about to wake up and Karim will be healthy."
Oksana learned that her son was terminally ill a month ago. "In the department of pediatric oncohematology, where we were admitted with severe anemia, they did a detailed blood test. Several diagnoses were in question at once... But there was no oncology among them. It was a great relief... The infectious disease doctor's report was cytomagalovirus... How was I to know that this virus was only a consequence, and the main diagnosis would divide our life into before and after..."
The diagnosis that Karim gets is, in most cases, fatal... any infection can be life-threatening and complications can be devastating..."
Primary X-linked immunodeficiency, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, is the full diagnosis of Karim Chaika. This disease manifests itself by an abrupt and uncontrollable decrease in platelets. At any moment, bleeding can start, and a trivial cold can be fatal for the baby...
"We've been in the ICU so many times. How many times my baby was on the verge of death... We can't help him in Donetsk. Only a bone marrow transplant can save my son. There is hope in Moscow, in clinic named after Rogachov. Rogachev clinic in Moscow. But there is a waiting list till December. And even if we are lucky... Meanwhile we have to take high-dose immunotherapy with Octagam every 14 days. Otherwise, Karim won't make it to the transplant. Three of my sons have already been killed by this terrible monster. I beg God to have mercy every day and not to take Karim away... I am so afraid of losing him... Please, everyone who will know of our distress, please respond!!!! I am begging you, save my baby boy!!! Give him a chance to survive! "

NEWS 27.11

Mom writes: Now Karim is on his third course of high-dose immunotherapy - my bunny is being injected with the drug Octagam. The doctors say that it helps my son to avoid thrombocytopenia and not to catch infections, which are very numerous in autumn and winter. We are following all the doctor's recommendations, taking care of ourselves...And we are looking forward to get the results of the tests from Rogochev Clinic, after which we will have another telemedicineconsultation to decide about the hospitalization in Moscow.

NEWS 24.12.20

Karim's mother writes: "The first and most important disappointing news is that a few days ago we had our long-awaited second telemedicine consultation with the Moscow clinic. I was very disappointed with the result. I was very sad about the results: Karim is scheduled for a bone marrow transplant, but there is a waiting list of 18 months... We don't have that much time... In our case, time is our enemy... It's recommended that we do an HLA typing. In other words, to determine the compatibility of the potential donor with the child. In our case, I as a donor will not be suitable, and Karim's sister too (as the genetic test showed that the inheritance is in the female line). It remains only Karim's father ... And only after that can we look for a clinic that will carry out TKM in the shortest possible time ... I'm afraid to think about what we'll do if the father doesn't match... The search for a donor who isn't a relative and the transplant itself - that's a lot of money... God help us... All the time before the transplantation it is necessary to stabilize Karim - without introducing powerful immunostimulants, our platelets are dropping to almost zero, and so is our immune system... Any infection or virus can be fatal for my son...".

In addition to HLA typing, Karim is on weekly injections of two powerful immunomodulatory drugs, Octagam and Enplate, before performing HSCT. Paying for the expensive tests and treatment falls on the shoulders of Karim's family, and for them it is simply an unaffordable amount of money...

News 11.02.21

Help came from where we didn't expect it - from far away Belgium! The story about ten-month old Karima Chaika died of primary immunodeficiency virus in a small town in Donbass was read by a very kind man Yves Vanroy.
On learning that the life of this baby has a price - 200 thousand rubles per month, Yves Vanroy immediately responded to the trouble of critically ill Karim. Karim's life depends on weekly injections of two immunostimulants Enplate and Octagam, which keep his thrombocytes in check. Without these drugs, Karim could die from a bleeding disorder... With Yves' help, the boy is provided with life-supporting drugs for several weeks!

In addition to the cost of Karim's treatment, Yves Vanroy also covered the costly HLA typing procedure at the Dmitry Rogachev National Medical Research Center for Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology - the blood of Karim and his dad will be tested for compatibility.
Our fund expresses its deep and sincere gratitude to Yves Vanroy for his selfless efforts to help the seriously ill in Donbass.
A thank you from Karim's mom: "My God, are there such people... I don't know how to thank them. I hope he'll read it - from a mother's heart - THANK YOU! The result of the typing will be in 3 weeks. Keep your fingers crossed for us - if only Daddy would be a match for the donor!

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