Данил Заболотский

Город: Донецк



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Danil could, like other boys, play soccer, go to school, carry the heavy backpacks of his classmates. And he probably would have dreamed of becoming an astronaut or a blogger, as is now fashionable... By a fatal set of circumstances, Danil Zabolotsky received a birth trauma. And instead of a happy and carefree childhood - cerebral palsy, microcephaly, epilepsy, and with them - 20-30 seizures a day, antiepileptic, neurological, anti-spastic drugs in large doses. Almost all organs are affected by such a huge number of powerful drugs. So to this list is a whole list of companion ones.

"Feeding from a bottle, then taking medications according to the regimen, sometimes a walk, if Danil does not twist. That's how we live. For ten years now." - With sadness in her voice, Danil's mother Yulia tells me. Every birthday of her son she makes only one wish - to return him health and to ease the daily torments. Danil's entire childhood is pain and tears Danil's pain from the endless injections and rehabilitations and his mother's tears of helplessness. Danil can't sit, can't speak, can't eat on his own. There were held rehabilitations in Russian Federation, Ukraine, after which Danil has improved greatly - he was sitting with support and even tried to stand on his feet, but the war interfered, which nullified all the progress - Danil has suffered a complete setback and has to start all over again.

But it is not feasible yet, since even taking the most potent anticonvulsants does not stop seizures in the proper measure - and this is a direct contraindication to the rehabilitation ...

It's such a vicious circle.

All we can do is to provide Danil with vitally important medicines which will ease his general state even a little, and with high-calorie food for achieving the necessary weight which will make Danil closer to his long-awaited rehabilitation.

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