Владик Волисов

Город: Донецк



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Cancer...This terrible disease invades your life suddenly, bringing pain, tears, disappointment... It is always unexpected, and that is why very often one does not even want to realize that it has happened... And, of course, it is very scary when this insidious and terrible disease catches up with children. After all, the most beautiful time - childhood - is at the mercy of this very unchildish disease. Unfortunately, this happened to Vladik ... For over a year Vladik bravely struggled with the disease, bravely and steadfastly carrying many treatments, injections, and even a serious operation. And it would seem that he managed to defeat cancer. But the disease laid low for a while, approaching with renewed vigor... Vladik never gave up, continuing this hard struggle. That is why we knew him as a child with boundless vitality, desire and aspiration to act and win. But in this unequal battle the illness won.
Today Vladik is no longer with us, but he will always be in our memories! We remember you, baby!

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